Building Energy Efficiency


Comparison of Energy Audit Methods

Attribute Indoor Reality Backpack Energy Audit Traditional On-site Energy Audit
Speed < 1 hour (1 day for 100,000 sq ft) Days to weeks (e.g. 5 days for 100,000 sq ft)
Audit details High Low
Data Accuracy Measured, quantified Estimated
Repeatability High: digitized Low: clipboard
Skill labor Low High


The infra-red cameras can be used to detect thermal anomalies, insulation flaws, or water leaks.

building-energy-efficiency-heatmapThermal Point Cloud energy-audit-blinds-brokenVisual-thermal Comparison 

thermal-spatial-navigationSpatial navigation of thermal imagery in the building

Detecting Energy Relevant Features



Mulford_2ndFloor_computer_positions object-detection-computer 

Detect and localize plugloads such as computers even if they are off

Whole Building Energy Modeling

Automatic 3D geometry recovery, and detection of energy relevant features such as window to wall ratio, lighting, and plugloads can be used in Energy Modeling engines such as DOE2 and Energy Plus. This allows for simulation of  electricity and fuel consumption for a variety of energy saving measures and compare alternatives.